After a long hiatus, our project’s research seminar at the University of Warsaw starts again in October 2022. As in the previous years, the seminar is devoted to philosophical, conceptual, and formal issues in the context of formal truth theories and implicit commitments of foundational theories. Although the talks take place in person, we also welcome online attendance. We plan to have meetings twice a month during the semester.

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Upcoming talks

26.04.2023 James Walsh (Cornell University), “On the explanatory value of consistency proofs”.

Abstract: Are the fundamental principles of mathematical reasoning consistent? Let’s call a proof that some such principles are consistent a consistency proof. Though some consistency proofs are widely regarded as mathematically significant, it is controversial whether they should allay skeptical doubts about consistency. I will focus on a different aspect of consistency proofs, namely their explanatory value. In particular, I will argue that a consistency proof can explain why a theory is consistent, regardless of whether it addresses skeptical doubts that the theory is consistent. .