After a long hiatus, our project’s research seminar at the University of Warsaw starts again in October 2022. As in the previous years, the seminar is devoted to philosophical, conceptual, and formal issues in the context of formal truth theories and implicit commitments of foundational theories. Although the talks take place in person, we also welcome online attendance. We plan to have meetings twice a month during the semester.

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Upcoming talks

27.11.2023 Leon Horsten (University of Konstanz), “Truth and Finite Conjunctions”.

Abstract: This note is a critical response to Kentaro Fujimoto’s new conservativeness argument about truth, which centres around the notion of finite conjunction. We argue that Fujimoto’s arguments turn on a specific way of formalising the notions of finite collection and finite conjunction in first-order logic. In particular, by instead formalising these concepts in a natural way in set theory or in second-order logic, Fujimoto’s new conservativeness argument can be resisted.