Published papers

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  • Ali Enayat (2021), “On Effectively Indiscernible Projective Sets and the Leibniz-Mycielski Axiom”, Mathematics, 9, link to the published version
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  • Ali Enayat. ‘Set theory with a proper class of indiscernibles’, Fundamenta Mathematicae, open access
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  • Bartosz Wcisło. ‘Full satisfaction classes, definability, and automorphisms‘, Notre Dame J. Formal Logic 63 (2), 143-163, DOI: 10.1215/00294527-2022-0013, preprint

Submitted papers

  • Ali Enayat and Mateusz Łełyk. ‘Axiomatizations of PA: A Truth-Theoretic Study’. Submitted. preprint
  • Bartosz Wcisło. ‘Compositional truth with propositional tautologies and quantifier-free correctness’. Submitted. preprint

In preparation