Open Call for a fully funded PhD position (4 years)

within the framework of the grant MAESTRO 2019/34/A/HS1/00399, financed by National Science Center (Narodowe Centrum Nauki), Poland

Host institution: Faculty of Philosophy, University of Warsaw, Poland

Project title: Epistemic and semantic commitments of foundational theories

The main objective of the project is to provide a deep conceptual and formal analysis of the notion of commitments of a foundational theory, where the latter expression stands for a theory that can develop a significant portion of mathematics (examples: Peano arithmetic, Zermelo-Fraenkel set theory). The notion of a commitment is essentially involved in many discussions in contemporary formal philosophy.

Principal investigator: Prof. Cezary Cieśliński, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Warsaw, Poland.


We are looking for a PhD candidate who satisfies the following conditions:

  • Master’s degree in a field relevant to the project (preferably in mathematical or philosophical logic or set theory. In particular, familiarity with axiomatic theories of truth counts as a plus.) In case of candidates without the Master’s degree, a signed letter from their supervisor is required, stating that the graduation will take place before the deadline specified by the Doctoral School (this deadline has not been published yet; last year it was September 18).  
  • Very good speaking and writing command of English.
  • Strong interest in logic.
  • Strong motivation for scientific work.
  • Very good problem-solving skills.
  • Good social and organizational skills.

Tasks will include:

  • Preparation within the contract period of a PhD thesis on a topic related to the project.
  • Regular presentation of intermediate research results at workshops and conferences.
  • Publication of results in journals and/or conference proceedings.
  • Participation in the Doctoral School PhD training program.
  • Participation in the organization of research activities and events related to the research project, such as conferences, workshops and joint publications.

We offer:

  • Very interesting open research problems (of both philosophical and formal nature).
  • Membership in an internationally active and vibrant research team.
  • Budget for conference travel and research visits.
  • Attractive remuneration.

Employment conditions:

  • The candidate’s primary responsibility will be to conduct research and write a PhD thesis.
  • The position starts on October 1st, 2021 and lasts for a maximum of four years.
  • Important:  After successful recruitment, the candidate will have to obtain the status of a PhD student at the University of Warsaw (either at the Doctoral School of Humanities or at the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School) according to standing procedures. For details, visit
  • Total remuneration: PLN 7371 gross per month for the first two years; PLN 8653 gross per month in the final two years. The remuneration has two components:
    • Doctoral school scholarship in the amount of PLN 2371.70 monthly for the first two years of studies (before the mid-term evaluation) and PLN 3653.70 in the next two years after the mid-term evaluation. Supplement for people with disabilities: PLN 711.51.  From this amount mandatory medical insurance contribution is subtracted (around 11%). The scholarship amount is regulated by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and may be subject to change. Note: If you already hold a PhD degree, you will not be eligible for this part of remuneration. 
    • NCN project scholarship, which amounts to PLN 5000 monthly for 4 years.

Required documents

  • Cover letter including motivation for doing PhD research within the proposed research project.
  • Current curriculum vitae, including a description of prior research experience,  previous education, professional information (previous employment), language proficiency, grants/honours, a list of publications and conference presentations (if applicable).
  • Scan of the Master’s degree diploma or the supervisor’s statement of the planned acquisition of the diploma graduation before the deadline specified by the Doctoral School. A list of grades (transcript) obtained for your Master (or equivalent) programme.
  • At least two reference contacts (with e-mails).
  • A writing sample, such as a project paper or a chapter of a master’s thesis, of up to 10,000 words maximum.
  • Consent for  the  processing  of  personal  data  for  the  purposes  of  the  recruitment  process.

How to apply

  • In order to apply, please send the message to ​ ​​attaching the required documents in pdf format. All the documents should be in English.

A short list will be made based on the candidates’ applications. Shortlisted candidates might be invited for an interview (possibly, in a remote form). 

Women are strongly encouraged to apply.

Timetable and deadlines

  • 30 April 2021 – deadline for submission applications.
  • Early May – interviews with the candidates.
  • Mid-May – the applicants are informed about the result.
  • Starting Mid-May – the successful candidate prepares the application to a chosen Doctoral School at the University of Warsaw. Important: the proposed dissertation project has to be consulted with the Principal Investigator of the Maestro grant.
  • Submitting the application to the Doctoral School. The deadline for submitting the application has not been published yet (last year it was June 28).
  • 1 October 2021 – The applicant starts the PhD project.